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Day trip to the South Coast – Stop 1: Southern Gateway Centre

After a grueling week at work, I desperately wanted to get away from Sydney.  So I came up with the brilliant (and spontaneous) idea of a day trip down the South Coast, with the aim of reaching Jervis Bay.

Our 7am start had its perks – it meant that Mr. A and I were rewarded with fresh-out-of-the-oven warm and flakey croissants from the bakery, which had just opened at 7am.  The plan was to escape Sydney travelling down Princes Highway and making stops along the way at orchards, wineries and lookout points.

Truth be told, we stopped herebecause we were lost.  Turns out Princes Highway and Princes Motorway are not the same.  Luckily we didn’t miss any of our stops at this point.

Our stash of brochures from the information centre…maybe Southern Highlands for our next short trip? 😉

Located just before Wollongong, the information centre is aptly named a “gateway”, a perfect stop to collect brochures and maps before the action and adventures of the South Coast began.  Housed in a modern building, it is well stocked full of useful brochures on all regions of NSW and has a small canteen, gelato shop and lookout point with sweeping views of the Wollongong and Kiama coastline and townships.
The coastal views

Address: Princes Highway, Bulli Tops NSW 2516
Phone:(02) 4267 5910

Our day trip to the South Coast:
Stop 1: Southern Gateway Centre
Stop 2: Mountain Range Farm / Dapto Community Farm
Stop 3: Crooked River Wines
Stop 4: St. Isidore (lunch)
Stop 5: Hyam’s Beach, Jervis Bay
Stop 6: Paperbark Camp and Gunyah Restaurant


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