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Day trip to the South Coast – Stop 5: Hyam’s Beach, Jervis Bay

Hyam’s beach

Happy Valentines day everybody!  Okay so continuing on…

No trip down the South Coast would be complete without a stop at Hyam’s Beach at Jervis Bay, which boasts the whitest sand in the world.

We walked along the stretch of the beach, conscious of the feeling of the powdery fine sand between our toes with each step. Interestingly, the grains were slightly rougher towards the shore and the finest grains were found towards the back of the beach.

Our aim was to reach the boathouse on the other end of the beach, which although seemed deceptively close, was quite far! We turned back after seeing more than 100 bluebottles with their stinging tails washed up on the shore.




Hyam’s beach. Yes, the sand was really that white and the water was really that blue!
Hyam’s beach

Address: Cyrus Street, Hyams Beach NSW 2540

Our day trip to the South Coast:
Stop 1: Southern Gateway Centre
Stop 2: Mountain Range Farm / Dapto Community Farm
Stop 3: Crooked River Wines
Stop 4: St. Isidore (lunch)
Stop 5: Hyam’s Beach, Jervis Bay
Stop 6: Paperbark Camp and Gunyah Restaurant


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