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World’s worst restaurant? Try The Huskisson!

I’ve always had a clear picture in my mind of what the worst meal and restaurant ever would be.  All the below very specific criteria would have to be met in order for a restaurant to be crowned the title of “world’s worst restaurant” and “worst meal ever”.


  • Bad, bad decor.  Think bingo rooms shown on US television that haven’t been refurbished since the 80’s, complete with white (well, beige-stained from all the years of use) oversized curtains draped on a wall, old, unattractive wooden floorboards, and old smelly ugly wooden tables and chairs.
  • Uncooked protein, or pub meals with insects in it, etc.
  • Overpriced to the point that it is daylight robbery.
  • Extremely rude staff (not one staff member, but all of them).
  • Ill-behaved patrons.

I didn’t think it was possible for any restaurant to meet all these points…that was, until I set foot in The Huskisson.  I was gobsmacked that it was worse than anything I could imagine.

My friends and I came across The Huskisson on our Easter getaway down the South Coast.  Being typical tourists with no knowledge of the local gems that Jervis Bay had to offer, we were caught by the tourist trap (otherwise known as The Huskisson) for dinner one night.

First impressions were not great.  We stepped into a pub full of rowdy red-faced locals downing their schooners of beers shouting on top of each other and proceeded to enter the most disgusting, old, smelly, ugly dining hall, most likely used for bingo nights in the 80’s.  The one redeeming factor was that it faced the sea – but of course, this view was blocked by the oversized, stained curtains made from cheap, heavy material cut out from a fabric store, that draped from the ceiling to the floor.  What an incredible waste of space!

The old, musty dining room probably used as a bingo room in the '80s
The old, musty dining room…and the stained curtains covering the sea view outside

As if the owners are scared the decor and vibe are not enough to claim the title of “world’s worst restaurant” and “worst meal ever”, rude service was thrown in to the already horrific pub.  Staff were frantic, running around like headless chooks and unassuming diners queued for over 10 minutes to purchase their pub meals, due to the incompetence of the staff.  Treated like children at a school cafeteria, we were directed to collect our meals from the counter outside the kitchen.

Decor that could make you vomit
Old, ugly furniture on scraped, worn floorboards…and those curtains!

By now, it seemed like the nightmare was over, but this was only the start.  I bit into my $27 prawn salad to find that the prawns were cold, raw and translucent – they had hardly been cooked.

Prawn salad featuring raw, translucent prawns for $27
Prawn salad featuring prawns which are raw in the middle, for $27.  Bargain!

On returning my raw prawns to the cafeteria serving area, the waitress  offered to forage the salad for all the prawns, take them out and re-cook them.  I was literally speechless.  No apology or new dish uncontaminated by raw prawns was offered.  Before I regained my ability to speak, the dish was passed to one of the kitchen staff, who yelled out that the prawns were always cooked in this way.  I was left stunned and speechless for a second time.  I ended up having to argue with this arrogant, rude, stubborn man until he reluctantly agreed to take the prawns out of the salad and grill them.  To add to the drama, a lady who seemed to be the pub / restaurant manager asked what was wrong.  Once again, no apology or other alternative was offered.  Instead, she handed the dish back to me saying “well, they’re cooked now…”

The saga was not over yet.  I joined my friends, only to find that my friend had an insect in her chicken salad!

While we were eating, two unpleasant-looking locals walked past and knocked over a chair on the end of our table, which made a thumping sound as it hit the disgusting floorboards.  The two clearly uneducated locals turned around, stared at the chair for a few seconds, and then continued to stumble down the dining hall.

Never have I been to such a disgusting, sorry excuse of a “pub” that was worse than anything I could imagine.  One reviewer on TripAdvisor said of The Huskisson, “I would rather go to prison than go here”.  After stepping in to experience the horrors of this waste of space, I can see full merit in the reviewer’s comment.

I would give this place 0 stars…but I don’t want people reading the blog to get confused and think the 5 grey stars meant that it had a 5 star rating.


Address: 73 Owen Street, Huskisson NSW 2540
Phone: (02) 4441 5001

Urbanspoon link here: The Huskisson on Urbanspoon


One thought on “World’s worst restaurant? Try The Huskisson!

  1. Hear hear!! We had some lovely food for much cheaper! I was also disgusted by the fact that the honest feedback that people put into their reviews about this place was disregarded and the reviewers ridiculed. The biggest problem with this place’s management is their lack of recognition or perhaps I should say denial of the problems at hand – an apology would be a start, but they feel justified as if they’re always right and the world is just full of haters. Pathetic, really.


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