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Electric Run night fun run

Last Saturday, Mr. A and I decided to check out the Electric Run in Sydney. We had read about it on various “things to do in Sydney” websites and their official website showed a short reel of a night lit up by hundreds of neon lights. Turns out the Electric Run is held in other countries too, like the Swisse Colour Run.

We arrived at Parramatta Park at 5:30pm after being stuck in traffic for an hour along the dreadful Parramatta Road.

After spending a good 20 minutes cruising the streets for a parking spot, we finally managed to get ourselves to the park and see the sights of the 7 zones making up the 5km course.

The starting line was crazy – it looked like a rave! We did not expect so many people.  The vibe was club music playing loudly and a MC was raised on a 10 metre high platform throwing glowsticks into the crowd.

Here are some photos of the various zones we saw.


The sweets zone was my favourite! Giant inflatable gummy bears, cupcakes and ice-creams lit up with neon lights – so cute!

The umbrella zone was Mr. A’s favourite – hundreds of white umbrellas were tied to the trees, with lights that changed colours reflecting off the umbrellas.

The water stations had glow in the dark cups.

The verdict: would I pay $75 for this run?  The price point is a little high for what it is – it felt like a free exhibition like the Vivid Festival.  But I enjoyed seeing what the Electric Run was!




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