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Spring Walk at the Sydney Royal Botanic Gardens

Mr. A and I thought that taking a walk through Sydney’s Royal Botanic Gardens was a fitting way to celebrate the arrival of Spring (finally!) and sure enough, we were proven correct.

Luckily for us, we came across a Spring Walk – one of the main pathways in the lower-mid part of the gardens bursting with vibrant colours of the Spring blooms (it’s not hard to miss!).  The cherry blossoms, tulips, and umm…that’s all about I can identify, but I swear there were lots of other colourful bulbs (sorry for my limited floral knowledge).  See photos from our excursion below.

We were pretty lucky, as the Spring Walk is not advertised – it’s not even on the Gardens’ website!  There is a little A4 makeshift sign indicating the start of the walk.

It’s definitely worth a visit, especially for all the flower enthusiasts and budding photographers.

The Spring Walk - it's the most vibrant part of the Gardens so you can't miss it!
The Spring Walk – it’s the most vibrant part of the Gardens so you can’t miss it!
Me posing by the Spring Walk
Cherry blossoms
Purple flowers…not sure what these are.
Fields of tulips
The pavillion, a more quiet, secluded part of the Gardens
The Mexican gardens
Heading to the city on the ferry (excuse the sun glare!).

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