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The Nail Library nails it!

Day 5, Hong Kong:

Word on the streets is, the Nail Library in Sheung Wan is the absolute go-to place for nails. After booking a day ahead, I arrived on Monday afternoon and had my first Shellac manicure – and I must say, the Nail Library nailed it! It was the best manicure I’ve ever had!

Entrance to the loft-style Nail Library
Entrance to the loft-style Nail Library

The Nail Library’s theme is of a New York loft-style small bookshop or library of the 1950s. The wooden shelves lined up around the sides of the loft extend from the floor to the high ceiling and there is even a cute wooden ladder extending to the top. It reminded me of the book store that Audrey Hepburn’s character worked in, in Funny Face. I was definitely a fan of this cool theme.

The decor is of a 1950's New York library / bookshop
The decor is of a 1950’s New York library / bookshop

As for the name ‘Nail Library’ – it probably is the nail salon with the world’s most extensive range of polishes. On the wooden shelves were what looked like the entire collection of the much coveted Christian Louboutin polishes, Chanel, Dior, YSL, Marc Jacobs, Burberry, Butter London, Deborah Lippmann, Ciate, OPI, Essie, and other branded polishes.

Polishes galore!
Polishes galore!

I showed the Nail Library some reference photos and asked for a regular manicure with nail art. My manicurist explained that the polish (and nail art) might start chipping away in 2 – 3 days and highly recommended Shellac if I wanted nail art done.

I have super weak and thin nails and my fingertips become dry whenever I put on nail polish (hence why I rarely wear polish) and in my worried state, I fired about a dozen questions at my manicurist, who gave insightful answers to all my questions and put me at ease on getting a Shellac manicure.

Inside the Nail Library
Inside the Nail Library

I was given a folder with (overwhelming) choices all the colour options and straight away my super helpful manicurist picked out a few that she recommended for my skin colour and style that I wanted and later tested them on me so that I could pick my favourite.

The manicurist was so careful with my nails. I get OCD when polish is uneven or if it doesn’t form an even line around my fingernails. This manicure was perfection! I wanted triangular studs at the bottom of each finger. The manicurist hit the nail on the head and gave me exactly what I wanted.

I can’t stop staring at my nails. They’re beaaaautiful! I love the colour and the triangular studs kind of match with my obsession, my Valentino Rockstuds.

The finished result - Valentino Rockstud-like nails on fleek :)
The finished result – Valentino Rockstud-like nails on fleek 🙂

Added perks were a cup of tea (I chose lemon and ginger tea), and a mini hand bath + scrub + moisteriser after the treatment to let you know the manicure is dry and you’re good to go!

The Shellac manicure was $480 and the studs were $15 per finger (nail art is $30 per finger). Yes, its expensive but these are the standard prices for Shellac, and being able to bask in the quaint Nail Library, getting my mani done by such a talented manicurist makes it so worthwhile!



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