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Armani/Fiori’s “it” floral arrangements: so chic, so designer, so undeniably Armani

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, I’m sure that everyone has conjured up images of the ever traditional floral arrangement featuring no other than red roses, upon seeing the numerous Valentine’s Day ads sprawled around the city and online.

Luckily, Armani/Fiori has taken the stock-standard flower bouquet and transformed it into something magnificent and unseen before – so for those of you who are stuck for gift ideas, here’s one that she will love – guaranteed! Armani’s arrangements are the epitome of sheer understated luxury in flowers; so contemporary, so undeniably designer, so Armani.

The sleek, understated shopfront of Armani/Fiori, Dubai
The sleek, understated shop front of Armani/Fiori, Dubai

All it took was half a step into the Armani/Fiori boutique in both Dubai and Hong Kong and I was blown away immediately. Never had I seen flowers like this before (nor had I seen a florist shop look this good!). Every flower, every stalk, every wiry piece of leaf was perfectly fresh, perfectly symmetrical, perfectly cut, and perfectly arranged.

Armani/Fiori taking floral arrangements to a new undiscovered level
Armani/Fiori taking floral arrangements to a new, unparalleled level

But what made my jaw drop were the way the flowers were arranged – they combined contemporary linear design, architectural elements, balanced calm greenery against minimalistic flower buds, and looked impossible to create. I loved how incredibly sophisticated, yet subtle and simplistic, the arrangements looked. They were elegant and no doubt designer, without being in-your-face and screaming “designer”.

Long stemmed red roses, complete with signature Armani-branded wrapping, ribbon and tag

Well, of course they were perfection – as I later found out, most the flowers are shipped from Holland, the arrangements are personally selected by Armani himself, have won a number of awards, and the general feel of the flowers is tropical Asian, combined with a contemporary geometric and understated flavour.

Combining Asian-inspired and geometric architectural elements make for the perfect contemporary floral arrangement

While you’re at gifting, why not combine luxury flowers with indulgent Armani chocolates?

Pairing up flowers with Armani Dolci's indulgent chocolates for the classic Valentine's Day gift.
Pairing up flowers with Armani/Dolci’s indulgent chocolates for the classic Valentine’s Day gift.

Armani/Fiori has no doubt challenged florists to the “new” in floral arrangements and bouquets – and has so far remain unchallenged. This is testament to the great level of skill and quality of the flowers and plants involved in coming up with such striking designs.




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